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Surrounded by wonders like the magnificent Cinque Terre, the culturally transcendent Alhambra, and the Belem Tower monument, it is easy to fall in love with the Mediterranean.

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River Lady - New Jersey River Cruise The River Lady is a 150 passenger, 85′ authentic reproduction of a paddle wheel riverboat. The River Lady splendidly captures the ambiance of a 19th century Mississippi Paddleboat.

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Toronto Cruises - We host events for: When the spring and summer months hit there is nothing quite like discovering Toronto's beautiful waterfront from a new perspective. Treat your employees, clients, friends, family or all of the above to a fun, exciting and picturesque boat cruise unlike any other on the Enterprise 2000.

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Patriot Cruises – Patriot Boat Cruises Patriot Boat Cruises. Escape to St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, an historic town filled with charming shops, attractive restaurants, inns and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

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Danube River Cruises, 2017, 2018 | The River Cruise Line The Danube river cruises from The River Cruise Line come in a variety of durations and prices, with different excursions and waypoints along the way, so there’s something to suit all travellers’ tastes.. The River Danube is a colossal river. In fact, it is the longest river in the EU. The Danube stretches over two thousand miles through 10 countries, including Germany, Austria and Romania.

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Jungle Queen | Home Jungle Queen Riverboats. Making Waves Since 1935. Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruises was started in 1935, consisting of a few small boats that gave sightseeing tours through the 'Venice of America,' Fort Lauderdale's New River.

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Senior Escorted Tours and Cruises | Travelrite International Travelrite Senior Cruises are specially-tailored so that you experience exotic destinations in comfort and style at a relaxed pace. Every tour is escorted by an experienced Travelrite International tour manager

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P&O Cruises | European Cruise | Cruises to St Peter Port. About St. Peter Port. A busy port since Roman times and one-time home of Victor Hugo, Guernsey's capital, St Peter Port, is the prettiest town in the Channel Islands with fine Georgian and Regency houses, tumbling terraced gardens, winding streets and hidden leafy alleyways.

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Norwegian Fjord Cruises + Saver Rates - 2018 and 2019 | P. Book your Norwegian cruise & see our itineraries and shore excursions to the incredible Norwegian Fjords. Saver rates, extra on-board spend & over 40 Fjord cruises.

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Cruises | Avalon Waterways An Avalon river cruise is a unique way to experience the character of a destination, immerse yourself in its history and culture, see its architectural marvels and sample its local delicacies.

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